• "BuzzWall works brilliantly as part of our AV solutions suite for customer experience centers"
    -Prabha Lakshmi, Office 2000 Solutions
  • "Social media on large screens never looked better!"
    -Vanitha Poojary, Aricent Inc
  • "One of the best solutions we've found for social media displays leading to audience engagement at events"
    -Gopal Kommuri, The PRactice

Beautiful, Real-time
social media display

BuzzWall displays your social media beautifully on large screens at near real-time speeds

Showcasing your social has never been easier! BuzzWall allows you to integrate and fetch near real-time data from multiple social networks to be displayed beautifully on large screens at your offices, events or showrooms

Comprehensive data
filtering and moderation

Pre-curated setups or On-the-go data moderation

Never worry about content moderation for your social display again! BuzzWall gives you complete control to either setup your display with pre-screened and pre-curated content or allows you to moderate every single post that goes up on your display. This manual moderation coupled with in-built profanity filters ensure that nothing goes up on display that you wouldn’t want seen by your audience.

Holistic Analytics

Followers? Influencers? Retweets? - We got you covered!

BuzzWall keeps track of metrics involved with the social media connected by you to provide you with a holistic reporting dashboard (you may download a pdf report for keeps as well!) that showcases how your social performed on the days you were connected.

Buzzwall - Wall Your Social - THE COMPLETE FEATURE SET

HOW Buzzwall - Wall Your SocialWORKS

Setting up your BuzzWall has never been easier! All you need to do to setup a quick beautiful personalised wall is to with Twitter, give your project information, add content you want monitored, set filters (if any) and launch your wall. It really is that simple.with Twitter to get started NOW!

Buzzwall - Wall Your Social - PRICING PLANS